The Girl with the Parrot on Her Head

by Daisy Hirst

Ref: 2547

Isabel's best friend, Simon, moves away very suddenly leaving her feeling angry and then lonely. Having decided to enjoy her isolation, she shuns company, excepting...the parrot on her head. But then Chester moves in next door and convinces her that it might be a time for a new playmate.

A charmingly off-the-wall picture book which captures the zaniness of children's playtime and the worlds they create together. The narrative moves along through Isabel's changing emotions which are themselves carried by a familiar passage of the seasons from Autumn- marking Simon's departure- to Spring- announcing Chester's arrival. For more confident readers there are some real depths of emotions to explore here with Isabel literally externalising her feelings through a complex system of boxes and storage.

'Totally loved this innovative text with its superb illustrations. Very tactile paper and a great palette. Brilliant, humorous, quirky- immense!' (Kate, Children's Centre Coordinator, LL reviewer) Age 4-8, Paperback 31pp