The Greatest Show of All

by Jane Eagland

Ref: 16250

Tom wants to ride circus horses but Pa says his job is to work in the stables. Kitty wants to work in the stables but Pa is clear that it's "no work for a girl". And then, suddenly one day, Tom disappears. Has he fled to Huxley's Circus? Kitty determines to find out. But that will take some undercover work...enter Kit, the Stable Lad and a Twelfth Night-inspired story of gentle subversions and mistaken identities. (And, as with Shakespeare's play, includes a lovely layering of same-sex romantics!). Rich characterisations and a satisfyingly twisty-turny plot in a highly accessible read- typical of 'reluctant reader' publisher experts, Barrington Stoke). Reading Age 8+, Interest Age 10-14, Paperback 95pp