The Haunting of Tyrese Walker

by J.P. Rose

Ref: 16975

"Shadow Man, Shadow Man, him come get you.
Shadow Man, Shadow Man, him come take you".
For young readers who enjoy the thrills of goose bumps and chilled bones. Recently bereaved, Tyrese and his Mum seek solace by leaving Manchester to visit family in mountain-top rural Jamaica. But grief is slowly stripping Tyrese down, serving him up as easy prey for the malevolent island forces prowling for lost children. The hoped-for-refuge soon turns in to a Halloween yard, alive with writhing centipedes, Duppies bearing troubled souls, haggard Soucouyants draped in sagging skins, the yellow-hooved Diablesse and, spookiest of all, the Shadow Man. Can our ghostbusting heroes- Tyrese, cousin Marvin, Ellie (a.k.a. Blue Mountain Wrestling Queen) -survive this fright fest? To do so, can Tyrese stare back at his grief in all it rawness and excruciating pain?

An adventure which, by turn, whips you up with ghouls and weathers and then plunges you down into an eloquent, gentle, study of grief and recovery. Also sure to make you want to look up the stars of Jamaican supernatural folklore. This is a novel whose scares are perfectly contained for a pre-teen audience without compromising on the pleasures of some gentle shudders... A delicious shock of a debut. [And do beware the Shadow Man's song...] Age 10-13, Paperback 290pp