The Little Green Drum

by Taghreed Najjar
illustrated by Hassan Manasrah

Ref: 14383

"Wake up, wake up, sleepyheads!" Samia's dad, Yaba, has the biggest job in town: he is the Dawn Waker-Upper during the month of Ramadan. But this Ramadan, Yaba is struck down by a tummy bug and his daughter, Samia, needs to take on his mantle. Armed with a drum, Barkie the yappy pup and a lovely bright lamp, Samia happily takes to her new role....and is soon joined by Ahmad, Ada, Arya, Omar, Adnana...and a tambourine, flute, lute, saucepans and spoons! Based on a real story from Lifta, a 1930s Palestinian village. An early independent reader book Age 6-8 , Paperback 62pp