The Many Colours of Harpreet Singh

by Surpriya Kelkar
illustrated by Alea Marley

Ref: 16809

Harpreet is a fan of colours. Lots of colours. He has loads of patkas in loads of colours to suit every possible mood. But, when Mum's new job means moving to a different part of the country and starting at a new school, Harpreet just wants to disappear. And so, increasingly, he sticks with the colour white. One day, just as Harpreet feels himself disappearing into a blanket of fresh snow, a girl in a fluffy smiley woolly hat extends a warm mitten-hand...which has Harpreet reaching out for blazes of colour once more! Accompanied by an explanatory backnote on the significance of Sikh turbans and patkas. By an Indian-American author with an equally established track record in scripting Hindi films! UK (British-Barbadian) illustrator). 'Positive portrayal of Sikh family. Nice way of centring the patka without making it an issue' (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, Letterbox Library review team.) Age 4-7, Hardback 26pp