The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures

by Jodie Lancet-Grant
illustrated by Lydia Corry

Ref: 16828

From the team who brought you The Pirate Mums (look out for their cameo!) comes another quirky upbeat story where the 'twist' isn't quite where you'd expect it to be. Ava isn't strictly a yet...but her dads certainly are. And this is certainly no average family. The twist? It's not that Ava has two dads (why would that be a 'twist'?!) It's that these dads treat hoarse dragons and spotty mermaids! They are in fact very marvellous doctors treating very magical creatures. But when Glitterbug the Unicorn rocks up at the surgery, it looks like only Ava is able to carry out the necessary investigations, diagnosis and prescription. Meet your first ever Goth, Bowie-esque unicorn. Loads of fun and silliness with some smooth messaging about being true to your own, very unique, identity. After all, there's always been more than one way to be a unicorn. Age 3-7, Paperback 30pp