The Most Beautiful Village in the World

by Yutaka Kobayashi

Ref: 15815

A powerful book exploring the impact of war in a fresh, compelling way; dedicated to "the children of Afghanistan." Rich, burnt-orange artwork introduces the village of Paghman, Afghanistan. We witness a community going about its daily life through the eyes of a young child as he joins in the harvesting of plums and cherries and accompanies his dad to market in a bustling neighbouring town. The presence of war is kept at a distance in the background images while the foreground teams with the bright colours of a thriving modern town with its bazaars and teahouses and mosques. Until the final page... 'Very evocative and moving... very original and real' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Mgr., Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Enjoyed the cheerful dialogue and beautiful illustrations. Thought that the sense of community was nice' (Nicola, young Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 6-8, Hardback 40pp