The Parrot and the Merchant

by Marjan Vafaian

Ref: 2859

A Persian merchant, Mah Jahan, travels far and wide collecting gorgeous birds which she cages and chains. But her most prized possession is her talking parrot from India- and the parrot's greatest desire is to be free again... An accessible yet rich and haunting narrative about loving someone/thing enough to set them free. Unique artwork which relishes the fine details of textured fabrics and bustles and shimmers with colours. Based on a thirteenth century fable from famed Persian Sunni Muslim poet and philosopher, Rumi, recast and reframed by this illustrator so as to star a female merchant. 'I really like this simple fable and original illustrations- very appealing' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, Letterbox reviewer). 'A simple, beautifully retold fable. This would be a lovely model for writing in Primary schools' (Sonia, Deputy Primary Head, Letterbox reviewer). Age 5-8, Paperback 21pp