The Perfect Shelter

by Clare Helen Welsh
illustrated by Asa Gilland

Ref: 16619

A child builds the perfect shelter out in the woods with her sister, their parents watching on. The narrator knows that something isn't quite right with her family. And, when the rains come, her sister isn't there to help stack the sticks high and patch over the cracks with leaves. Instead, she's in hospital and even Dad's fairy cakes can't bring any cheer. But maybe, just maybe, they can bring the sanctuary of their together-shelter indoors? A rare and much-needed book addressing long term illness in the family from a young child's point of view. Soft illustrations and a text full of tenderness. "Whilst it does not shy away from the reality of cancer, the balance is spot on, striking a successfully positive and heartwarming pitch, reminding us all to fully appreciate the precious moments together as we ride out our various storms" (BookTrust website review). (Mixed race family). Age 4-8, Paperback 27pp