The Princess and the Castle

by Caroline Binch

Ref: 14239

Genevieve hates the sea. One day her dad went out to sea and never came home... So, while her imaginative play takes her on exciting journeys, she can only dream of going to the castle far away across the bay. And then along comes Cedric- is he an ogre? Or a cuddly bear? He certainly makes mum smile...And one day, he persuades Genevieve that perhaps, just perhaps, she might visit that castle after all. A hugely positive books about grief, transition and healing told, skilfully and convincingly, from a child's point of view. Binch's brilliantly realistic illustrations simply sweep across the page. This is 'real' storytelling, told with such honesty, heart and soul. 'Stunning illustrations. Powerful storytelling with emotions that can be felt throughout' (Meryl, Early Years Consultant, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 26pp