The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family

by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S. K. Ali
illustrated by Hatem Aly

Ref: 16263

"The first day of wearing hijab is important, Mama had said. It means being strong". It's the "first-day hijab" for Asiya. Little sister, Faizah, is very excited for her and approves of her choice of an ocean-coloured, sunny-skied blue. To Faizah's bafflement, some school children point, ask questions and throw insults. But, with great pride and love, she witnesses Asiya rises above the stares and words, with the echo of her mother's supportive voice buoying her up. (Co-) Written by an American-Muslim Olympic medallist fencer, the text is flushed through with (Egyptian-born Canadian) illustrator, Aly's luxurious, brightly coloured, ink washes. 'I had a smile on my face throughout the reading of this wonderful book. Fab storytelling, illustrations, relationships and imagery. Yes, yes, yes!!!' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, LL reviewer). A wonderful book about hijab and family. Age 4 to 7, Paperback 33pp

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