The Seal's Fate

by Eoin Colfer
illustrated by Victor Ambrus

Ref: 14670

"Boys didn't do cute. Boys killed things because that was how life was, and you'd better be ready for it when school was over." By the Children's Laureate Ireland (2014-2016). A young boy struggles to join in with the seal bounty used to curb the seal population in a rural Irish community. An important local tradition and a key marker of a boy's transition into adulthood- what will Bobby do? As much a story about facing difficult decisions and searching your own conscience as it is a thought-provoking story which confronts a young boy with the pressures to conform to a rigid and brutal 'masculinity', policed and endorsed by a small community. Interestingly, this challenge is further extended by the appearance and 'triumph' of the first ever girl to take part in the bounty. Short and engaging text with full colour illustrations, this is an ideal first chapter book. Age 8-12, Paperback 84pp