The Secrets of Billie Bright

by Susie Day

Ref: 14542

"Hi Mum...I know you're always watching over me...I go to Big School today. I'm not nervous...I'll probably actually make new friends in five minutes, because I am, like, fun and interesting..." Billie's family is full of big characters: three big brothers and a Dad. But she still misses her Mum. So when she has a chance to do a school project on her mum, Billie couldn't be happier- that is, until she realises her happy family isn't quite what it seems... A fantastic young chapter book starring a mixed race lead growing up in a Black British Christian family. As always, Susie Day's work embraces inclusion in the most 'natural way, merely showing us the world as it really is. Meantime, her fresh, comic tone is a perfectly safe forum for exploring bigger ideas of social justice. (Billie's gay brother is much more than a secondary character and is a refreshing addition to the tiny handful of largely white LGBT characters in children's fiction). Age 8-11, Paperback 304pp