The Strongest Boy in the World

by Jessica Souhani

Ref: 14488

Set in ancient Japan, when wrestlers were celebrities and little boys wanted to be just like them. Skinny little Kaito dreams of being a famous Sumo wrestler and decides to try his luck at the famous wrestling tournament in Kyoto. On the road, he meets Hana, a girl with great physical strength and wisdom who declares Kaito far too 'weedy' to compete and then offers to train him up herself. Several bowls of fish stews and several boot camp sessions later, a small but tough wrestler is fit and ready for competition! Lovely humorous storytelling- and the real star is, of course, Hana , based on the legendary strong women of Japanese myth. "'A very welcome strong woman portrayal" (Jane, Inclusion Manager, Letterbox reviewer). Age 5-8, Paperback 27pp