The Twitches Meet A Puppy

by Hayley Scott
illustrated by Pippa Curnick

Ref: 15613

Do not be distracted by the rather saccharine book cover! Behind the purple hue, the bunnies and the flowers is a fun and highly inclusive story (with not a whiff of self-consciousness about it). Part of a series, Teacup House, this third book works fine as a stand alone. Stevie and her mum have moved from an urban tower block to a countryside cottage, a transition made easier for Susie by Nanny Blue's gift of a doll's house in which four toy bunnies, the Twitch family, live...except these bunnies are alive! Stevie soon settles in to her new home, pairing up into a lovely adventure-seeking, roller-skating, duo with Eshe (who is mixed race). The series of full colour illustrated chapter books nicely interweaves the children's and the bunnies' mishaps and calamities. In this particular book, Stevie's mum has gone away on a photography commission and her dad moves in to look after her, along with his husband, Stuart, who turns up with an overly bouncy puppy in tow... leading to plenty of mayhem at the cottage. Stuart also happens to have a prosthetic leg, a detail revealed in the illustrations but not referred to in the text. 'The slightly twee cover hides a really well told story. An inclusive approach to content, related in an understated way' (Eileen, Former Primary teacher, LL reviewer). Age 6-9 Paperback 119pp



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