The Very Last Castle

by Travis Jonker
illustrated by Mark Pett

Ref: 15482

In praise of brining down walls and creating communities. A small town. Just like any other small town. Except, in the middle of it stands a castle. The very, very, very last castle. No one ever comes out. No one is allowed in. Who lives there? "Monsters", says Miss Wicks. "Giants", declares Alex. "Snakes", confirms grandpa. But Ibb is not so sure. Packing up her courage and her curiosity, she ventures across the drawbridge... Part mystery, part comedy and starring a mixed race lead. 'I really liked this book and the themes it addresses, i.e. overcoming fears, encouraging others to question their pre-judgements, welcoming new people' (Hannah, Social Worker, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, American Import Hardback 38pp