This Is Me: A Story of Who We Are and Where We Came From

by Jamie Lee Curtis
illustrated by Laura Cornell

Ref: 14681

A teacher tells her multicultural class about the journey her great-grandmother took to change countries and then gets the children to imagine what things they might take if they had to leave their homeland behind. Enjoy the double page spreads which detail each child's bedroom as they wonder about which favourite objects they would take with them- a pet rat? A Katy Perry concert ticket?, A signed Harry Potter book? Punk-rocker Barbie? Abuelo's beret? A cheerful, rhyming, book which very deliberately portrays an unspecified migration journey and a multicultural classroom in order to get children to think about identity and belonging, where they've come from, their family histories- and where they might go! Ends with a fantastic pop up suitcase to drop small objects in to, with the ending text: "What would YOU take? Which things would they be that say to the world, Hi there, This Is Me!" (nb: includes a nice portrayal of a child wearing orthodontic headgear!) 'Nice stimulus for exploring heritage and what we value. Lovely to see diverse ethnic representation in terms of the class and families represented' (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, LL reviewer). 'An early introduction to the concept of refugees; I think it would do well (Elena, Community Librarian, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Hardback 32pp