by Non Pratt

Ref: 15258

"It seems worse to break a promise to the dead than it does to break one made to the living". So begins this intriguing little mystery, as old school friends gather together to fulfil a promise made five years ago- to open and share the contents of a memory box in honour of their friend who has since died of stomach cancer. With friendships made and broken, revelations, confessions, internal turmoils and reconciliations, this is the perfect stuff of pacy heart-gripping teen fiction. It also includes a nice little twist on the traditional LGBT coming out story tradition: the first person narrative belongs to Alix, a young lesbian who is nervous about this reunion- not because of her sexuality itself but, refreshingly, because she kept this a secret from her friends and fears they will feel hurt. 'I liked that this is a book in which somebody comes out without it being a coming out novel...The author has not only zoned in on a very genuine concern about coming out for many young people but also made the character and story more accessible to many readers- not just those who identify as LGBTQI...As an added bonus, the design is terrific- I felt very cool reading it on the tube!' (Mark Jennett, Equalities Trainer/Consultant, LL reviewer). From Barrington Stoke, expert publishers in reluctant-reader friendly/dyslexia-friendly fiction. Reading Age 8+ Interest 12+, Paperback 138pp