Vanilla Ice Cream

by Bob Graham

Ref: 2493

The epic journey of one tiny bird transfigures itself into an epic discovery for a single toddler. A sparrow flits around a takeaway puri stand at a truck stop in India. It starts pecking at the rice bags on a truck which then drives off across paddy fields and into town to offload onto a liner which journeys south to a nameless, Western, city... where the bird flies out to dart around a toddler called Edie in a pram in a café, which causes a dog to leap up which causes an ice cream cone to fly into Edie's lap who then makes the most momentous of discoveries: the taste of vanilla! The story ends with a gleeful portrait of a toddler covered in ice cream.

This is trademark Bob Graham. There are minimal words and some pages are entirely wordless. A huge journey and a life changing moment are evoked primarily through a sequence of soft, watercolour illustrations, sometimes in full page spreads, sometimes following a comic book sequence of several boxed images to a page. The bird's eye views of shifting vistas are lovely. A fantastic read for children who enjoy big ideas but are hesitant around text-heavy books, preferring comic strips or graphic books. Ample opportunity to discuss cause and effect, unusual connections and the attention we should pay to the smallest of moments. Endorsed by Amnesty" because it reminds us that we should all enjoy life, freedom and safety". Age 4-7, Paperback 36pp