Vanishing Trick

by Ros Asquith

Ref: 14610

A stunning collection of verse which embraces a range of ideas and feelings so relevant to children's lives- the Year 6 Disco, first love, bullies, geometry lessons and... vowel movements! Accompanied by Asquith's trademark, hilarious, cartoon illustrations. Wise, tender, comic and always very contemporary. On one page a tidy slice of structured verse will encourage the reader to be gently contemplative; on the next, a mini-storm of rhyme will deliver a punch of laughter. Special mention for the brilliant 'Mohammed and the Whale':
"Mohammed, of number 42
Cranmore Gardens, outside Crewe
had a wish he knew would make him glad,
and every night he told his dad:
'Dad, I've GOT to learn to sail.'
'Why?' 'I've got to meet a whale'".
Great for schools with its engaging themes and explorations of different poetic forms. Perfect for home- Asquith excels at spotting all of the things which tickle as well as worry children and then soothing them, bolstering them and, most of all, laughing with them. Age 7-10, Paperback 103pp