Want to Play Trucks?

by Ann Stott
illustrated by Bob Graham

Ref: 15963

Without a doubt, one of our absolute favourite titles for challenging the restrictive stereotyping experienced by boys. The representation isn't new but that the delivery is really first class and wonderfully comic. Jack and Alex meet daily in the sandpit. Jack likes trucks, Alex prefers dolls. One day Alex suggests that they can compromise over their play by playing, "dolls that drive trucks". The deal is sealed- simply and without protest. Except there is a small matter of whether a full tutu will actually fit in the driver's seat... A joyful celebration of children's imaginative play unfettered by gender stereotypes and the universal appeal of ice cream. The humour in Graham's detailed illustrations is, as ever, an absolute delight. 'Much to teach children here in a very gentle way' (Eileen Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 26pp



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