What Makes a Baby

by Cory Silverberg
illustrated by Fiona Smyth

Ref: 2684

This book is honestly worth the price, by doing exactly what it promises on the cover: "A book for every kind of family and every kind of kid". This exceptionally clever picture book sets out to explain to young children how babies are made, answering all those usual questions, but through an explanation which promotes a shared humanity by affirming every type of conception. As such, there is no gendered terminology in the book. So, for example: "When grown ups want to make a baby they need to get an egg from one body and sperm from another body. They also need a place where the baby can grow". The language is specific and accurate in the facts about conception but avoids any specifics which might narrow down how the baby was conceived. And so, this books can be used for children created in every sort of way and within all sorts of families, making it a real celebration of humankind. On top of all of that, the author has included a downloadable reader's guide for parents. 'Love the rainbow colours of people! Brilliant. Very inclusive. No binary gender language at all- nobody is excluded!' (June, Parent, LL reviewer). 'Lovely, colourful book. Bold colours. Good storyline explains in a simple way how babies are created and delivered. Very inclusive. Diversity all the way through!' (Ann Marie, EY Safeguarding Consultant, LL reviewer). Age 3-7, Hardback 34pp



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