What is Masculinity? Why Does It Matter? And Other Big Questions

by Jeffrey Boakye and Darren Chetty

Ref: 15740

"Masculinity has too much Masculinity to ask for help. Masculinity is misunderstood. Masculinity is fragile...Masculinity is the law. Masculinity is religion. Masculinity is flawed" (Salena Godden).
In the midst of a small flurry of children's books challenging ideas about 'masculinity', here comes a resource which is refreshingly thoughtful and contemplative as well as immediately accessible to young minds who are grappling with and enjoying big ideas. Typical of the wider Big Questions series, the book has a sharp mix of formats, combining personal testimonies, photos and images, digestible chunks of non-fiction with bold headers and question boxes for the reader which draw out key ideas and give pause for reflection. The chapter titles are a series of superbly provocative questions: What is the cost of masculinity?; Are there male and female brains?; What do feminists say about masculinity? The testimonials include Dave Pickering -known for his Mansplaining Masculinity storytelling show- famed UK poet, Salena Godden, with a poem especially written for this book and... us (yes, really)! This is truly a rich contribution to children's non-fiction and one we can't recommend enough. Timely, necessary, attentive to and respectful of its young audience, this book is a friend which holds out an encouraging, steadying hand to any child or young person wanting to reach a full humanity unfettered by the limiting impositions of gender stereotypes. Congratulations and thanks to the writer. editor team who have brought this into being: Jeffrey Boakye, teacher and author of Black, Listed and Hold Tight and Darren Chetty, teacher, researcher, writer and contributor to The Good Immigrant. Age 8-13, Hardback 44pp.