When Grandpa Gives You a Tool Box

by Jamie L. B. Deenihan
illusrated by Lorriane Rocha

Ref: 16814

What should you do if, on your birthday, you asked for a special house for your dolls...and Grandpa gives you a toolbox?! It's quite a dilemma. But this narrative goes on to suggest a solution, starting with listening to Grandpa's toolbox stories (however long they are), teaming up together on some local neighbourhood repairs (toolbox in hand) until finally... you get to the most purposeful toolbox task of all: building your own special dollhouse! (With grandpa of course). A gorgeous story starring a kind thoughtful boy who is prepared to compromise (so long as he ends up with what he wants!) 'A lovely message of intergenerational co-operation, learning and love' (Elaine, Foster Care Associates Liaison Officer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 4-7, Hardback 24pp



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