When I Coloured in the World

by Ahmadreza Ahmadi

Ref: 15425

Devastatingly simple in its conception- a child is given some coloured pencils and an eraser and, with these, they set about rewriting and mending and hoping for the world. In the place of darkness, they write 'light', for hunger 'wheat', for storm 'breeze', for flood 'drizzle' and for despair 'hope'. Never was the power of the pen, or rather a colouring crayon, more evident. Each new word is introduced in a different colour which spills out on to the opposite page in a blaze of colour and motifs which also nod to traditional Iranian art. Written by one of Iran's greatest contemporary poets. 'I really liked this book and think it would be good for exploring how children might want to deal with/how they feel about the things which afflict humanity' (Hannah, Social Worker, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 5-8, Paperback 28pp



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