When We Say Black Lives Matter

by Maxine Beneba Clarke

Ref: 17122

"Darling, when we sing that Black Lives Matter, and we're dancing through the streets, we're saying: fear will not destroy our joy, defiance in our feet".

From whispering the past to bellowing in the streets to laughing -on the inside- with ancestors, a wonderfully lyrical unthreading and expansion of the phrase, 'Black Lives Matter'. Accompanied by swirling illustrations which move across and beyond the pages.

'A nice way to unpick a slogan that has been key to amplifying a movement...I like the way it dances between the past and the present to relay the historical significance' (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, Letterbox Library Reviewer).'I absolutely loved it... I love the lyricism of it and feel it's a book that is honest without traumatising Black children' (Patrice, Children's/YA author, LL reviewer). Age 4-8, Paperback 31pp