Who Was Rosa Parks?

by Yona Zeldis McDonough
illustrated by Stephen Marchesi

Ref: 14896

A conversational text and black and white etchings illuminate this biography of Rosa Parks from her childhood days in early twentieth century Alabama through to her extraordinary achievements and bravery within the civil rights movement and, finally, to her death in October 2005. The narrative is broken up by extremely helpful fact boxes to give a wider context -e.g.: Brown Vs. Board of Education ruling, the role of the Black Church, the NACACP- and to introduce other key civil rights activists, including Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and the little known Claudette Colvin who, aged just 15, refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus 9 months earlier. A big hit with our review team; 'Very important account of life and political activity of Rosa Parks. Fascinating. An essential element of black/women's history' (Cariad, Theatre Lecturer, LL reviewer). 'What a brilliant book. A simple account of an ordinary woman who made a major contribution to the civil rights movement. I also liked the fact that this paid credit to others who were important such as the lesser known Claudette Colvin' (Hellan, Senior Adoption Worker, LL reviewer). 'Easily accessible text and well 'chunked' chapters' (Christine, PRU Manager, LL reviewer). Age 8-12, American Import Paperback 104pp