Wild Swans

retold by Xanthe Gresham Knight
illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut

Ref: 17047

An exciting retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale. All of the traditional elements are there but the tone is modern and the tropes have been deftly reworked. A small, richly illustrated, chapter book ideal for emerging confident readers. 'This is a littlie jewel of a book. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively told. There is a lovely modern touch at the ending. Here, the heroine doesn't feel the need of a male to support her- she is enough by herself' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Lots of positive images and role models; not just tokenistic' (Jayne, Inclusion Manager, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'An adaptation triumph' (Kirkus review). Age 7-10, Paperback 43pp