You Can!

by Alexandra Strick
illustrated by Steve Antony

Ref: 16531

The ultimate child positivity book. Confidence building doesn't come with more weather-proof book bricks than this! Follow 14 children from different backgrounds, growing in to their very different identities as they stride forwards from babies to young children, then teens, then adults. Every double page spread is a booster: "You can...follow the crowd or...lead the way. Dream BIG"; "You can... do something big by doing something small". The book's conception is thoroughly unique. Several years were spent consulting with children and young people and asking them directly what they would tell their younger selves in order to equip them for and fire them up about their future lives. Inclusive to the core, the book portrays a wide range of ethnicities, disabilities (including a child with restricted growth and a child with a cleft lip) and identities (including gender identities). 'Loved this book's size, shape and most of all its illustrations which I feel speak for themselves. Great message' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6, Hardback 40pp