Zeki Gets a Checkup

by Anna McQuinn
illustrated by Ruth Hearson

Ref: 2837

Zeki stars in his 3rd picture book (see Zeki Loves Baby Club and Zeki Can Swim) and how he has grown! He can drink from his own cup now, get Spag Bol all round his own face and engage in independent play, including his very own boogie wiggle. But today is the day of his full check up, so it is time to show off all of his new skills to the doctor and receive his own MOT, toddler-style! A very reassuring and thoroughly realistic book which goes through all of the medical checks a toddler will face- from eye checks to immunisation jabs- and, of course, the ultimate reward: a sticker and a book to take back home. Another very successful outing for the never-gets-any-less-cute Zeki and his dad. 'Delightful in every way. Familiar scenarios for children to identify with on every page. Wonderful illustrations with so much to discuss' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox reviewer). 'A lovely book about a visit to the clinic. Great to see dad taking child. Very positive, focusing on all the things Zeki can do. Fun illustrations' (Rosalind, Workforce dev. Officer, Letterbox reviewer). Age Birth to 3 Card pages 20pp