Zeki Loves Daddy

by Anna McQuinn
illustrated by Ruth Hearson

Ref: 17015

Zeki wakes with a tummy tickle from Dad. A fun-packed day follows. From helping Dad whisk up the pancake batter to doubling up on the dippiest of dances to speedy cycling to, finally, Dad's special bubbliest of baths and snuggliest of hugs. The pairing of McQuinn and Hearson never fails to delight and impress- their words and pictures tease and play off each other with energy and charm. Made of durable card pages and handy-sized, this is a book to share, hold and hug. 'So good to see a dad involved in all aspects of a child's day, active, caring, reading, cooking. Great rhymes and illustrations. Fun finding the seahorses in every page' (Rosalind, Project Dev. Mgr., PACEY, Letterbox Library reviewer). Type 'Zeki' into our keyword search to find all of the other Zeki books we stock! Age 10 months-3yrs, Card pages 18pp