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by Polly Noakes


Warm fuzzy pictures imagine a bright, spring pastoral setting. The stage is set for ... a fearless game of hide-and-seek! Told through the voice of an adventurous girl, dressed up in orange wellies and tiger striped sweater, as she seeks out a grizzly brown bear, a hare, a racoon, while all the time being stalked by a silvery wolf. Impossible for any reader/listener to resist crying out, "It's behind you!" 'Who's hiding from who? So much going on in the illustrations. Great to see a fearless girl having fun outside' (Rosalind, Project Dev. Mgr., PACEY, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Fabulous illustrations, lots of movement. Good friendships and fun!' (Maggie, EY Adviser, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 30pp


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    No Outsiders
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