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by L. D. Lapinski


"I had never meant to become a spokesperson for anything. I'd just wanted to go to secondary like my friends, on my own terms".

Jamie identifies happily and comfortably as non-binary. They adore and are adored by best pals, Daisy and Ash. But when the trio make the horrible discovery that in year 7 they will be split into single sex schools, they worry about the impact on their friendship group- and of course Jamie faces an especially pronounced dilemma. Do this powerful trio need to take the issue beyond the school gates...onto a roof top in fact?

It's heartening to see the recent growth in narratives for all ages which explore political activism and campaigning. Relatable to many young readers, characters such as Jamie also role model achievable actions for change. And, of course, in this instance, it's delightful to have a non-binary lead (whose body also isn't sexed) waving the flag. By a UK author who identifies as non-binary. Age 9-13, Paperback 259pp


Themes: Gender Equality    Themes: LQBTQ+ 


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    No Outsiders
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