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Child in pinafore dress holds a daffodil and a large red floppy hat. More daffodils in the foreground.

by Emmi Smid


A very important book. It is the start of Spring. But, Luna insists, today is not a day for smiling. Because today is the anniversary of her mum's death or, rather, her mum's suicide. Luna rages at her dad, "People you love don't get to stop living and leave you behind!" An extraordinarily difficult subject is given an honest and, nevertheless, soothing and reassuring treatment by a picture book for the very young. Luna's Dad allows her to express both her grief and her fury; he answers every question she has; he explains her Mum's illness; he banishes Luna's irrational guilt at her mum's death. Complete with a guide for carers by a bereavement specialist. 'A lovely, sensitive story' (Carey, Childminder, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Book allows Luna to express strong feelings, ask painful questions and, with support form her dad, to have a future that includes happy memories of her mum' (Maggie, Former Early Years Adviser, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 5-8, Hardback 24pp


Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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