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by Craig Pomranz
illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain


Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2015

Raffi is a small boy with hair a little longer than most and clothes brighter than most. Shy and quiet, he dislikes noise and ball games- and is often teased at school. When he discovers sewing and knitting, the teasing simply goes up a notch. Can Raffi find a way to enjoy and celebrate his 'difference'? Might his classmates even, finally, see him as a little enviable? Little Rebels Judge, Wendy Cooling, said: 'Craig Pomranz was inspired by a true-life incident to tell this story, one of diversity and celebration of difference...When Raffi discovers knitting and sewing his life turns around. At first he's teased but his enthusiasm helps him to ignore this and when he rises to the challenge of a cloak for the school play, other children treat him with a new respect and realise that his difference is something special. This is an inclusive book, illustrated to complement the brilliance of Raffi's ideas'. Age 4-7, Paperback 40pp


Themes: Gender Equality


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    No Outsiders
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