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by Francesca Sanna


This book's protagonist has always had a tiny blobby friend called Fear by her side. Fear has been companionable, protective and purposeful. But, since arriving in a new country, Fear has expanded and bulked up several fold. And now, a sweet little spongy blob has become something engulfing, a barrier and a block to new experiences and change. Fear tries to stop her going to school, won't let her play with others at break time and is desperate to get back home again. An engrossing and skilful exploration of anxiety which ultimately shows the reader how to shrink their worries back down into manageable feelings. Perfect for exploring life transitions and for new arrivals. 'A lovely and original way of exploring fear and isolation' (Kerry, Letterbox Library Staff). By an award winning visual storyteller. Endorsed by Amnesty International. Age 3-7, Hardback 32pp


Themes: Refugees and Migration


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    No Outsiders
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