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A yellow and pink dog sit back to back in a dandelion field. There is a ball next to them.

by Rosana De Rond


Puppies Milo and Monty have come to live with the McKenzies. But while they like doing lots of things together, Milo very often prefers to be left alone quietly. One day, when the house is especially noisy, Milo goes off to his favourite beneath-the-desk spot. To his surprise, someone else is already there... Cousin Henry! The wider family soon notice how similar Henry and Milo are. Both have a favourite toy, neither likes to be hugged, both gravitate to quiet, cosy spots, both prefer a set daily routine. And so, the McKenzies simply adapt to fit around Milo's needs. An excellent book for introducing empathy and awareness of differences, it is also a fantastic prompt for a conversation about autism and how small adjustments can make someone who is autistic feel safe and secure. (Features both a mixed race and a single parent family). Age 4-7, Paperback 28pp


Themes: Disabilities 


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