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by Mary Hoffman
illustrated by Ros Asquith


When pirate ship Ramshackle comes across a bawling, floating baby, the crew are stumped. When they discover it's a girl baby they are doubly flummoxed. But soon, the rhythms of the days at sea circle around Baby Isla as this band of pirates adapts and caters to her needs- Spoons the Cook sews her a stack of nappies, Red Bart the Bosom creates a toy squid for her, Jolly Roger the Captain simply...adores her! Have the pirates lost their pirating mettle? Or have their numbers simply got stronger? A gentle challenge to gender stereotypes, given extra pizzazz and spark by Ros Asquith's trademark illustrations in which humour simmers and bubbles in the tiniest details (the on-ship tins of jellied babies, the pirate knitting patters by "Hook & Aye", The Wicked Wench ship of fearsome women, Plunderpuss the cat...) Oh- also, there are pirates. Age 4-7, Paperback 26pp


Themes: Gender Equality


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