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edited by Rachel Boden (with specialist guidance from Uli Lenart, Gay’s The Word)
Foreword by Juno Dawson


Another very fine and brilliantly curated anthology by Stripes Publishing (who also brought you A Change is Gonna' Come). In amongst the voices of legends such as David Levithan are four wonderful debut artists. All of the authors and artists are of course LGBTQ themselves and the collection is introduced by Juno Dawson in full, powerful pride mode: "If we live in stories, it means we live in the real world too. We are claiming our space, claiming our oxygen" and then, later: "Pride is both party and protest". And indeed that last statement is a perfect description of these beautifully myriad works: from the patterned blank verse by Levithan which shapes a choral coming out to the love story set against the Irish referendum on same sex marriage to the lesbian fairytale of ancient China to the smart and sassy Pride and Prejudice re-write ('I Hate Darcy Pemberley') to the final lush coming out poem by Dean Atta complete with just the right filmic references: "Be a beautiful thing / be the moonlight too". This anthology would have melted this reviewer's heart aged 13- actually it is melting it now.... Age 12+, Paperback 346pp


Themes: LQBTQ+ 


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    No Outsiders
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