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Cover shows two people with guns raised, facing each other in a duel. Set against a silhouette of Dr Barry's profile.

by Lisa Williamson


"I know I can't be a man, but maybe I can do something just as good...If I can't be a man, then I'll pretend to be one" 1800s London. 19-year-old Margaret Anne Buckley needs to start bringing a wage in to the household she shares with her Mum. But being a girl scales her occupations down to that of governess, something which doesn't quite fit in with her brilliant scientific ambitions... Enter Dr Barry. Based on the incredible true story of one of the 19th century's most prominent surgeons, Dr James Barry: first, assistant surgeon to the British Army, then rising to the ranks of Inspector General in charge of military hospitals. Dr Barry was also a political campaigner on behalf of diverse marginalised groups, the first British doctor to successfully carry out a caesarean section, a renowned flirt and a duellist! Dr Barry lived most of their adult life as a man with their birth sex only discovered post-mortem. A thrilling, engrossing read by the author of 'The Art of Being Normal'. Age 8-12, Paperback 132pp


Themes: Gender Equality    Themes: LQBTQ+ 


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