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Profiles of two faces coming towards each other. The profile shapes are created by lots of little words in script.

by David Levithan


2014 Stonewall Honor Book

"Craig Cole and Harry Ramirez are planning their big kiss. There have been months of preparation leading to this kiss...Now here it is, and here they are, and now it's closing in on the starting time. Once they start kissing, they will have to keep kissing for at least thirty-two hours, twelve minutes, and ten seconds. That is one second longer than the current world record". But, of course, Craig and Harry's kiss is so much more than a record breaker. It is a protest. A cry of pain. An act of solidarity. With Tariq, who suffered a brutal homophobic attack. And with so many other gay men: the men who have gone before them- 'alive' here as a wonderful Greek chorus commenting movingly and comically on the world below them; the young men who are just becoming, about to become, themselves now. The author of the summer hit, Every Day, David Levithan speaks with the most wonderful, poetic prose in a voice which respects and admires the intelligence and emotional depths of his young, teen audience. Complex, accessible writing which feels like a balm. Inspired by the 2010 kiss-in of college students, Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello. (Multicultural and a fantastic trans character in the shape of pink-haired FTM teen, Avery). Age 14+, Paperback 243pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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