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by Sita Brahmachari
illustrated by Jane Ray


Amy's parents have separated, she and her mum have moved away, Secondary School looms and Amy's anxiety levels are being pushed in to overdrive. So much so that Amy becomes a school refuser. But then comes the opportunity to attend Grace Nuala's Art School. She is soon joined by Rami, a recent refugee to the UK from Syria, a witness to and victim of some of the worst humanity the world has to offer. And yet, Rami insists on and claims an identity beyond 'Refugee'. Together, these two girls form a friendship which slowly, delicately but determinedly transforms them through its strength and balm. Brahmachari at her best- full of her trademark compassion for and respectful honouring of young people's lives and voices. 'An excellent book- I read it in one sitting!' (Sylvia, Children's Social Work Director, LL reviewer). Age 8-12, Interest 8-12, Paperback 96pp


Themes: Refugees and Migration   Themes: Mental Health and Wellbeing


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