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A big white bunny (Marlon Bundo) wears a multicoloured bow tie. The White House is in the background.

by Jill Twiss (with Marlon Bundo)
illustrated by EG Keller


This text is a real beam of loveliness whether you read it simply as a tale about a devoted bunny or whether you read it within the context of its genesis: Vice President (VP) Pence, notorious for his anti-LGBT opinions, created a children's book with his family entitled Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President detailing a fictional day in the life of the Vice President's pet rabbit. Twiss' parody-released one day earlier than Pence's book- is delicious. Here, Bundo the bunny is hopping about in the VP's home grounds when he spies a bunny called Wesley. They fall instantly in love and take to hopping through the garden, inside the stuffy old VP's house and down the stuffy house's stairs making "beautiful creaky stair-music together". Such is the happiness of their hopping marathon that they decide to get married and announce this to their friends, Phil and Dennis the bugs, Pumpernickel the badger, Dill Prickle the hedgehog. But The Stink Bug, who is in charge of life in the gardens does an absolute refusal insisting that Boy Bunnies can only marry Girl Bunnies. Will Bundo and Wesley get to tie the bunny knot? An adult parody works flawlessly as an upbeat, thoroughly hoppity hop, almost painfully endearing (yet not saccharine) story about a same sex couple who want to make their vows. There are some excellent, child-friendly, points made about democracy and authority along the way too. An expert picture book. And, we haven't even had time to mention the wonderful, glowing, warm, illustrations which feel like a hug of soft fur. Age 4-7, American Import, Hardback 31pp


Themes: LQBTQ+


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