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Mum, dad and child (white) sit on a grass hill with their backs to us. They are looking at shapes in the clouds.

by Eoin Colfer

illustrated by Chris Judge


“Sometimes, All We Need To Do Is Look Up”.


Erin sees cloud babies everywhere; clouds in the shape of cats, dragons, wolves! They comfort her when she feels poorly, which happens quite often and which means she has to go to the children’s hospital for periods of time. On the children’s ward, she makes new friends and has a whole team to take care of her, from Bernadette the doctor to Albert the meal person with a sideline in hospital DJ-ing. Best of all she has a wonderful window view of the sky and of her cloud pals.  


But, moving between school and time spent in hospital isn’t always easy. Big school is quite different and Erin worries that looking out for cloud babies might be a little... childish? And so, she decides it might be easier to just keep her two worlds apart. Except that just leaves her feeling as if she doesn’t really fit in to either world completely.  But, what if her class could come to the ward? What if she could bring those two worlds together? Might she even be able to introduce the cloud game to them there?


An empathetic book which would be valuable to any child who has to spend time in hospital (the character’s long term illness is deliberately left unnamed) as well as to children who might have a classmate in a similar situation. ‘It addresses a very important issue of reintegrating after time off school, hospital stays and remaining part of the group when absent’ (June, Letterbox Library reviewer, a parent with personal experience of having a child needing periods in hospital). Age 4-7, Hardback 32pp


Themes: Disabilities


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