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by John Foster, sung by Mikey Henry Jr.
illustrated by Debbie Harter


"There's a Saltopus strutting, swaying to the beat / Hoping and bopping and taping his feet". With a repeated chorus to join in with- "Come on everybody, shake a claw!"- this will be a real pleasure for dinosaur fans. Strong rhythms and rhymes, bright and swishy illustrations, a CD with animations and dino sing-alongs, a brilliant 'Who's Who' of dinosaurs on the backpages and a detailed, illustrated guide to the ages of the dinosaurs, from the Triassic era right up until the current, Quarternary era. Add to this a representative group of children- including a child with a hearing aid and one with a walking (or should that be boogie?!) frame- who step up to the beat in dino-matching costumes and you have Dino Love as a complete, child-friendly, package. 'Lovely, bright illustrations, lots of movements, CD with roars to dance to, inclusive disability images. Yes!' (Maggie, Former Early Years Adviser, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp


Themes: Disabilities


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