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by Catherine Johnson


WINNER Little Rebels Award 2019

It's 1783 and 12-year-old Nat's mother and sister have just been forcibly removed from the Jamaican plantation where they're enslaved. When Nat's mistress tells him he'll be accompanying the master to England in order to look after a precious cargo of pineapples, Nat holds on to a tiny shard of hope- he's heard that there are no slaves in England; that you are free the moment you set foot on English soil. But it turns out that his new destination offers nothing even resembling a taste of freedom... An essential and accessible read, layered with historical material. "A short, powerful and richly imagined historical novel exposing the UK's often overlooked participation in the slave trade" (Catherine Barter, reviewing for the Little Rebels Award website). Age 8-12, Paperback 149pp


Themes: Black History


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