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by Wendy Meddour
illustrated by Daniel Egnéus


Lubna leaves her old world and awakes to find herself in a World of Tents. Luckily she has Pebble, clutched snugly in her hand. Pebble listens and smiles back at her. When it gets cold, Daddy makes sure Pebble is well protected in a shoebox. And then, one day, along comes another child, Amir. A child in need of a friend and, quite possibly, also, a Pebble. A sensitive, astute and original narrative about a child's arrival and survival in a refugee camp. Brilliantly captures a child's point of view on a potentially traumatic environment. We witness Lubna 'managing' her surroundings and nurturing herself through a controlled, episodic, introspection, a self-hug which she then slowly moves out of to offer comfort and friendship to a peer. Age 4-7, Paperback 27pp


Themes: Refugees and Migration


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