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The background green and yellow cover is split down the middle. The Malik twins stand back to back against the dividing line

by Zanib Mian

illustrated by Kyan Cheng


The author of the Planet Omar books (which have surely gone platinum?) is back with a new collectable series: Meet The Maliks, starring the genius and irrepressible detective duo, twins Maysa and Musa. The madrassah children have baked fundraising cookie for Ramadan. But one night someone, something, destroys them! Was it the grumpy mosque caretaker, The Butt Brothers (stifle your giggles please), classmate Slime-ah or even… could it be… could it possibly be…the imam? Can accident-prone drama-leaning Maya and sensible Musa uncover the culprit? Perhaps more impotently, does licking a dribble of leftover cookie dough break your fast?


‘A new detective duo who can solve a mystery quicker than a whoopee cushion can pop a wudu’ (Fen, Letterbox Library Staff). A good humoured caper peppered with references to Muslim culture and with a backdrop of the Ramadan period. Full of Mian’s trademark roaring yet gentle comedy with sightings of burgers with legs and walking unicorn cookies. And, of course, there are smart sassy Muslim characters front and centre. Age 7-10, Paperback 195pp


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