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A white boy stands confidently with hands on his hips. Behind him, his shadow is cast in a shimmery pink colour.

by Scott Stuart


A boy comes from a family where all of the men carry around a blue shadow. But his is pink, emphatically pink. And, with that, comes a liking for all things considered “not for boys”. His beefy, moustachioed dad feels sure it’s just a phase, that the blue shadow will come in time. But the boy isn’t convinced and, with his first day at school looming, he starts to worry about how his new classmates will respond to the ‘real’ him? And, what will Dad make of it all? Based on the author’s own son, this loudly champions empathy and self-acceptance while also delivering a well-aimed wallop at gender stereotypes! Told in rhyming couplets. Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp


Themes: Gender Equality


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    No Outsiders
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