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by Patrice Lawrence
illustrated by Jeanetta Gonzales


"'You, me and your cousins are from the oldest family in the world,' Tante Janet says. 'And our story starts in Africa.' 'My story doesn't start there, Tante!' Paloma says. 'I wasn't born in Africa.' Tante smiles…" A visit to her family in Trinidad launches Paloma onto a whirlwind tour of African history, beginning with an ancient warrior queen from the Kingdom of Kush.

Another picture book triumph by the award-winning Patrice Lawrence in which she communicates important truths to the youngest of children through artful storytelling, here complemented by Gonzales' brushstrokes which light up the contemporary Trinidadian scenes and bathe the historical sections in golden sepia tones.

'A beautiful book. I just loved it.' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Beautiful storytelling and illustrations. I love how they were able to simplify the history so it is understandable for children without losing the meaning. Very educational and important story that was brought to life with bright colours and illustrations' (Nicole, young Letterbox Library reviewer). Includes some wonderfully simple historical backnotes and suggestions for further reading. Age 4-8, Hardback 32pp


Themes: Black History


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